Book Review: Angels Among Us by L.R. Fite

On Meg’s twelfth birthday, the demons around her home flex their muscles and test the limits of the guardian angels of her household. But when she makes a new friend who, with her mom, is heavily involved in magick, Meg invites the demons in to begin their works of deception in her life.

Tamar, Meg’s guardian angel, is frustrated at the restraint he has to show on his first guardian duty. He can’t protect Meg when he thinks it counts and his agitation grows when the King assigns another angel to aid him in his tasks. Together, they must not only protect Meg, but the girl’s family as her younger sister begins seeing strange demon and angel-like forms.

This was an interesting YA book to read, certainly a topic worth exploring and discussing with kids. There was probably enough action and interest to keep them reading. I think the author captured the young voices well, however, it did slow at times and I found myself skimming to the next important part where some kind of change occurred.

At times, the writing style was impressive, unique, and engaging, then it would slip off in need of a little spice, but overall quite good.

In my opinion, parents should read this first if the topic of demons has not been introduced to young readers yet. It shouldn’t be a problem for kids who grew up in church and are at least aware of the spiritual realm, however, I could see my preteen niece frightened by some of the imagery, which can be a good thing. Only when you understand something and know how to battle it can you claim victory. This book offers that at the conclusion, with a setup for the sequel.


For Him,

Sarah Elisabeth


P.S. You can get a copy of Angels Among Us on Amazon.


Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is an award-winning inspirational author, speaker and Choctaw storyteller of traditional and fictional tales based on the lives of her people. Get a free e-copy of her first book, "Touch My Tears: Tales from the Trail of Tears": Free e-book

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2 comments on “Book Review: Angels Among Us by L.R. Fite
  1. Great review Sarah E. I appreciate your transparency and words of caution. The topic of demons is confusing to adults too! With the plethora of mainstream vampire and other “supernatural” YA books in the market, it is good to see a series in the genre that portrays the truth.

    • Sarah Elisabeth says:

      Right on, Catrina! It’s amazing that I’d be concerned about this frightening preteens when I think of them reading about vampires without batting an eye…

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