Book Review: Crescent by Homer Hickman

Crater Trueblood is a miner, not a soldier. But his aptitude for leadership brings him unwanted rewards and expectations from the kingpin of the moon, the Colonel. However, for a gentle, soft spoken kind of guy, Crater stands up to him when he decides not to kill a young crowhopper prisoner after one battle.


Crescent is a trained killer, a part of an elite crowhopper legion. When captured by Crater, she prefers death but he won’t oblige. In fact, he risks his own positions to save her. Why? What makes these humans so different from one another? As Crescent comes to know her captors, she finds not only friends among them, but family. And she finds herself becoming them.

In a tale of twists and turns, of lies and longing for love, Crater and Crescent navigate manmade disasters to forge their own way. Add in Maria, the colonel’s granddaughter and Crater’s lost love, and you have layers of story from the first page to the last.


The second book in the Helium-3 series by Homer Hickman, this was one of those books I didn’t want to end. I enjoyed experiencing what it would be like to live on the moon. And of course, Crater is a character you don’t mind hanging out with for awhile.

The only thing I would caution for younger readers was the violence. Not overly graphic, but something for parents to be aware of as with the first book in the series.

Overall, this story was leaps and bounds above the first book. The plot was tighter, the characters clearer and more distinct. The ending though…argh, well, we’ll just have to wait for book 3.

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