Book Review: The Restorer’s Journey—Expanded Edition by Sharon Hinck

Still spinning from the shock of arc enemies loose in their own world, Mark, Susan and Jake try to come to terms with their recent experiences, and more importantly, the near future.

Nothing prepares them for the horrors that lay ahead. Forced back into another world, Susan faces mental torture that’s impossible to comprehend, yet feels frighteningly familiar. Jake faces dragons from his past, and learns real life challenges in the world of Lyric are nothing like the fairy tales of glory he once dreamed of. Unable to convince the good guys he’s one of them, Jake not only battles known enemies, but also the men he’s trying to help. What does the One want from him anyway?

The answers are far from anything Susan or Jake want to face.


Another homerun in this third book of the Sword of Lyric series by Sharon Hinck, though not a grand slam for me. Still, it was the caliber I’ve come to expect from this author. Unique metaphors, real life connections, spiritual lessons that stick, wit, irony, and heart pounding adventure.

I’m not sure what was missing though, from her previous book. Maybe it was the absence of some of the beloved characters I’d grown attached to. Or the loose ends that I thought would be tied up in this book. Good thing she’s working on a new one, number four!

As with the previous books, don’t read the bonus scenes until the end, because they do contain some spoilers. That said, by all means, read them. I love seeing through the eyes of other characters and discovering they are just how the author showed them from the outside. Wade was a great character, I’m so glad he was brought to the forefront in this story.

Here are links to purchase the Sword of the Lyric series, Expanded Editions:

The Restorer – Expanded Edition

The Restorer’s Son–Expanded Edition (click here for my review)

The Restorer’s Journey-Expanded Edition (The Sword of Lyric)

Get ‘em, and get drawn into the adventures.

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is an award-winning inspirational author, speaker and Choctaw storyteller of traditional and fictional tales based on the lives of her people. Get a free e-copy of her first book, "Touch My Tears: Tales from the Trail of Tears": Free e-book

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2 comments on “Book Review: The Restorer’s Journey—Expanded Edition by Sharon Hinck
  1. Sarah, thanks for the review- I’ve read them (not the expanded edition) and your review makes me want to read them again! I’m thrilled she’s writing a fourth one. Blessings!
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    • Sarah Elisabeth says:

      This series def needs a fourth one! I loved the bonus scenes in the expanded ones

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