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How to Get Started in Fiction Writing

As an author and a writing instructor, I often get emails from those who are interested in getting started with writing fiction as a passion, and possible income. Fiction can include novels all the way down to micro stories, with novellas,

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Two Easy Options for Reading Kindle eBooks

I’ve had my Kindle for years now and still love it (here’s my enthusiasm in a post awhile back).   People often ask how they can read my books as an ebook. There are two options on how to read

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New Novel Set in the Old Choctaw Nation

Traitors Press Release:    New Novel Set in the Old Choctaw Nation   “Someone’s going to be king in this territory. No reason it can’t be me. It sure won’t be you.” 

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Book Release: “Touch My Tears: Tales from the Trail of Tears”

In 2012, I was honored as one of four artists in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian Artist Leadership Program for my literary work in preserving Choctaw Trail of Tears stories. As a Choctaw, this historic event has

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5 Reasons I Still Love My Kindle Touch

I don’t use my Kindle Touch every day. I still try to keep the number of books I’m reading at any given time down to three or less. Sometimes that includes all paperback. But the novel I’m reading now, The

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