Making the Right Choice


About unPlanned:

unPlanned is the story of former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson. It begins with her background of growing up in a small Texas town with two loving and supportive parents. Her journey takes a dramatic turn with college life, her first pregnancy and abortion. Before long, Abby gets drawn into a passionate career with Planned Parenthood in the hopes of helping women. A rising star in the organization, she becomes the director for the abortion facility. In the meantime, family and the workers at Coalition for Life are in continual prayer for Abby. A hard look at abortion procedures brings Abby to the truth of the organization she had dedicated her life to.

My Thoughts:

There could not have been a more appropriate time to watch this documentary than on Mother’s Day weekend. I sat with my mom and heard Abby’s story for the first time. I was struck by Abby’s strong spirit and desire to make right choices.

Focus on the Family (in association with Tyndale House Publishers and Franklin Films) presented both sides of the story well, staying with facts. I found it ironic that the frivolous lawsuit by Planned Parenthood is what brought Abby’s story to the attention of the mainstream media.


My mom felt inspired by this story in that we should never give up hope, never stop praying for the ones we love. She was also encouraged that Coalition for Life is propagating the pro-life movement with love and compassion, not judgment. This is critical in all witnessing efforts. God is love. And He loves those behind that “iron curtain” as much as He loves anyone.


This is one amazing story, and I highly recommend everyone to sit down with the family and watch it. (Parental discretion advised)


Leave a comment on this review and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a copy of this DVD, unPlanned. I’ll announce the winner at the most appropriate time: Mother’s Day.

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Wrap Up:

Abby experienced a life-changing event. I pray God will use it to save lives.

Watch the Trailer:

Note: Tyndale House Publishers provided me a complimentary copy of this DVD to review.

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9 comments on “Making the Right Choice
  1. krystal windham says:

    I would love a copy of the dvd!

    • Sarah Elisabeth says:

      @Krystal – I have you entered!

      @Marijo – Same here. My mama let me live. And she’s my best friend 🙂

  2. I have written several pieces on abortion – no, I have never been pregnant but I could have been an abortion statistic….

  3. Sherry says:

    happy mother’s day to yo mama!

    love, aunt sherry

  4. Chely Roach says:

    I have heard Abby interviewed…what a powerful testimony! Proves that no one is too far from God, and that he can use anything for good.

  5. Rebekah Ray says:

    Loved this article! It really encourages me to continue to pray for people even when it looks like there is no hope of them turning around! Power of continual prayer!

  6. Sarah Elisabeth says:

    @Aunt Sherry – xoxo

    @Chely – isn’t her story just awesome? He can turn any life around.

    @Rebekah – That’s one thing that really touched my mom. There is power in prayer!

  7. Cindy Barclay says:

    Though the contest is past- I really enjoyed your review of the DVD and I can’t wait to rent/buy one so we can watch it as a family. Being adopted, I’m so glad my mom chose life!

  8. Sarah Elisabeth says:

    @Cindy – Praise the Lord! Hope you enjoy the DVD when y’all watch it

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