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How to Get Started in Fiction Writing

As an author and a writing instructor, I often get emails from those who are interested in getting started with writing fiction as a passion, and possible income. Fiction can include novels all the way down to micro stories, with novellas,

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Making Summer Memories – Dress-up Time

Remember the days of dress-up time with your mom’s old stuff? It might have gone something like this:   You tiptoed into Mom and Dad’s vacant bedroom. Time for a raid. At the far end of the clothes rack where

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The Greatest Moment—A Flash Fiction Story

By Sarah Elisabeth Why did the sun not rise? Darkness closed in on Mary as she stared into the starless sky. Would the darkness come to her soul again, this time consuming the very air she breathed? She could no

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Family Reunion—A Flash Fiction Story

I hope you enjoy this flash fiction account of a family reunion. For Him, Sarah Elisabeth *** It’s been awhile since we were all together: Grams, Gramps, Mom, Dad, my three sisters and two brothers. And their families. I’m the

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A Different Perspective—An Original Flash Fiction

  I wrote this back in June for the blog Gracylu Originals. Hope you enjoy this flash fiction—from a different perspective. For Him, Sarah Elisabeth  >>> Everyone’s making faces at me. I want to cry, so I do. They keep making

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