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What Native artists can learn from “Real Artists Don’t Starve”

Broken down into three parts, Real Artist Don’t Starve takes you on a journey of transformation. What does the life a successful (“Thriving”) artist look like? Are you born with special gifts, talents, advantages? If not, can you still make

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Book Review: The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

Make a living or make a life. Get by or find your calling. This book delves into the deeper questions of vocation, and challenges traditional mindsets surrounding work, play, and what makes a life.     I’ve read all of

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Healing in the In-Between Moments

My copy of Jeff Goins’s new book arrived this past week, and I finally started on it. The idea of those in-between moments inspired my own memories of the little times in life that make up, well, life. It was

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I Am A Writer – Jeff Goins Video Contest

I made this video for Jeff Goins’ contest to declare yourself a writer. I am. Here’s my public declaration, with the help of some of the greatest all time writers:     I am a writer, home business owner, daughter, sister,

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