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The Executions (Choctaw Tribune Series, Book One)


Who would show up for their own execution?

It’s 1892, Indian Territory. A war is brewing in the Choctaw Nation as two political parties fight out issues of old and new ways. Caught in the middle is eighteen-year-old Ruth Ann, a Choctaw who doesn’t want to see her family killed.

Touch My Tears: Tales from the Trail of Tears

In 1830, a treaty was signed. In 1830, hearts broke. Tears fell on the long journey for twenty thousand. The Choctaw Nation was forced to leave their homelands to preserve their people. But they could not save them all.

Tushpa’s Story

Mississippi, 1834

“Protect the book as you do our seed corn. We must have both to survive.”

The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek changed everything. The Choctaw Nation could no longer remain in their ancient homelands.

Young Tushpa, his family, and their small band embark on a trail of life and death. More death than life lay ahead.

Third Side of the Coin

Heart pounding, heart wrenching, heart tugging—raw and realistic. But these short stories, and many more, show a third side of the coin.

Sarah elisabeth sawyer

Author. Speaker. Choctaw Storyteller. Welcome to my journey
Hope and reconciliation for the human race

The stories I write show struggle and heartache. Nothing’s wrapped in a pretty package tied with platitudes of living happily ever after. That’s not reality. But just as there’s despair, there’s hope through Jesus Christ.

Seeing the book (Touch My Tears) we worked diligently on with nine other Choctaw authors being well received by native and non-natives alike is heartening. As a Choctaw, I want to tell the stories of hurts in the past and present but always give the hope. How else can we heal?

In 2012, I was accepted into the National Museum of the American Indian Artist Leadership program. In 2015, I joined the First Peoples Fund family through the Artist in Business Leadership program, and released my first novel in the Choctaw Tribune series.

God knows where these adventures will lead. He’s such an amazing author…I can’t wait to turn the page each day to see what He has next for my life.


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